Happy New Year

And what better way to get motivated for the year ahead, than receiving something fabulous from the year just past. Becky and Sarah were married at Warwick House in Southam last Autumn, and had spent a long time planning some very magical touches for their wedding. The theme was Disney, but they didn’t stop at princess dresses! The bold colour scheme reflected a Disney palette, their cake, which from the front appeared very traditional, was being busily finished by Cinderella’s friendly mice around the back and their guest book featured balloons from 2009 film Up. The theme continued into their flowers, with character pins on the gents’ red rose buttonholes, Chipmunks climbing the bridesmaid’s bound stems and a pair of Mickey Mouse hands united when the brides’ bouquets were held together. Check out the wedding page for Sam Bennett’s fabulous photos of these lovely ladies on their big day.

Kate Ladd