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Flowers are just one of the many wonderful ways to personalise your big day. It can be really special to use something significant to you as a couple, or more generally symbolic of marriage, and it's also a great opportunity to acknowledge the time of year that your union takes place through the flowers you choose.
During the spring and summer months, much of greenery's flowers and foliages are homegrown, and so if you are looking for a seasonal slant on your wedding flowers, then I would love to help you plan this.
Whether you seek a plentiful garlanding of the entire day, or a few simple blooms to hold along with a burst of nature to decorate your venue in an understated way, it is always possible to make flowers part of your big day, whatever the budget.
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Becky & Sarah, Warwick House, October 2018

images courtesy of Sam Bennett Photography & Film


Briony & Nick, Hyde house, April 2018

images courtesy of You & Yours