Welcome to greenery, an independent floral design business offering you beautiful, eco-aware floristry.

greenery is based in Middleton Cheney, near the market town of Banbury in Oxfordshire, and close to the borders of Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

A part-time job with a florist in my twenties sowed the seed for an interest that has blossomed over the last few years working in the industry. In 2018 I was awarded a Distinction on the Level 2 Diploma in Floristry course at Warwickshire College.  

Creating delightful seasonal arrangements for a wide range of corporate and private customers, I am committed to seasonality and sustainability. greenery not only sums up a striving for environmentally-friendly floristry, but also the gorgeous variety available in just foliage – flowers are beautiful, but there is a wealth of stunning green flora we can make the most of too.

Homegrown, not flown

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The greenery cutting garden resides in a former vegetable patch on the Warwickshire farm where I grew up, It's a beautiful location, with the Burton Dassett Hills to the North and Edgehill to the South and lots of opportunity for fabulous foraging. These flowers are supplemented by a growing network of trusted British suppliers to minimise the impacts of air freight, packaging and refrigeration processes. 

The exciting thing about grow-your-own is that there's always something new in bloom, from the early arrival of Tulips, to often-overlooked gems such as Aquilegia, Sweet Williams and the stunningly showy Dahlias of late summer. A cutting garden enables a wide variety in a single bouquet, incorporating diverse scent, textures and form. And as for colour combinations, then more is definitely more!

By seeking eco-friendly ideas and alternatives to what were once industry staples such as floral foam and cellophane, greenery offers sound customer advice and an alternative to fast flowers, allowing you to enjoy nature's beauty with a clearer conscience.

So what makes a greener choice?

While there is always more that can be done, here's a list of greenery's ethical aims

  • flower-sourcing hierarchy: choosing sustainably foraged, home-grown, local, British, and then Fairtrade imports before other options. I always try to start at the beginning of this list - sometimes it just isn't possible, but every time there is an opportunity to reduce packaging or delivery distance (be it air miles, or car miles) or to support large-scale growers with strong environmental or employment credentials, I take them.

  • seasonality: as with seasonal eating, this offers the joy of rediscovery each season, encourages imagination and resourcefulness in finding flowers in the hierarchy above, and lessens the likelihood that flowers have required the extra energy input of being grown under cover.

  • reduced, reused and recycled materials: whether it’s jam jar posies or other repurposed containers, recycled paper wrapping and labels, biodegradable twines and raffia, or reusable ribbon for those ultra-special occasions, stickers & business cards printed on recycled paper, I consider the impact of the consumables I use regularly. Foam-free arrangements are nearly always an achievable alternative.

  • responsible waste disposal reducing, composting, repurposing and recycling are all part of the greenery way of life


Thanks to everyone who bought greenery-grown flowers from the National Herb Centre during the last growing season. The cutting garden is at its best from May to September, and fresh deliveries are made on Thursdays just in time to buy something for the weekend. Why not pop in for a coffee and pick up a locally-grown flowery treat for yourself or a loved one this week?