Festive Workshops

What a marvellous day! On Saturday 8 December, nearly 40 ladies (we were due a gent, but due to unfortunate circumstances he couldn’t make it) came to a festive fundraising workshop for the Friends of Bishop Loveday School in Bodicote. They were brilliant to work with and their creations were each unique and stunning. After two hours they stepped into the Golden Photo Booth to share their work!

I hope those that came had a fabulous time and feel inspired to make their own door décor next year. It's worthwhile noting that only a handful of these people had made a wreath before, and in just over two hours each went home with something not only very personal to them, but truly gorgeous - and an incredibly environmentally-friendly piece of Christmas wow to boot. We used 100% biodegradable bases, so that once the gloriously frivolous trimmings are removed, the whole thing can go in the garden waste bin.

Kate Ladd