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greenery is a member of Flowers from the Farm, a not-for-profit network of growers and florists using British flowers founded in 2011. There are over 500 members nationwide, so if you are looking to send flowers further afield, or would just like more information about British grown blooms, please visit the website.


British Flowers Week is an annual celebration of British-grown flowers and the UK cut flower industry. It takes place in June, where New Covent Garden Market promote the best of British flower produce, and there are lots of UK flower growers and florists who champion the great and varied produce available in the within our shores. Buying British supports local businesses, and in the main offers flowers which a far smaller carbon footprint (taking away air freight and often large amounts of packaging).

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The National Herb Centre, in Warmington is only a few miles from the greenery cutting garden in Warwickshire. From May to September you can pick up fresh flowers, arranged into charming, often-scented, posies which make a great gift or seasonal pick-me-up for your home.